Developing opportunities and avoiding pitfalls of innovation

Strategic Planning

Thinking about becoming a smart city? Wanting to align technology investments with business objectives? Needing to move your organization forward through multiple generations of technology? Civic Foundry will tailor specific services for your organization that are achievable, affordable and sustainable such as:

  • Strategic plan development
  • Smart city architecture
  • Business models
  • RFP development and procurement assistance
  • Full innovation lifecycle advisory services
  • Thought leadership in governance and policy setting
  • Benchmarking that does not confuse common practices for best practices

Hospitality Experience

Civic Foundry transforms your public venue from simply a place one visits to a place one must experience. Through the use of data, technology, and unique business models, we connect visitors and venues to drive value from optimized or new business opportunities. 

  • Benefit from customer-focused strategic plans that are architected with current, new, or emerging technologies
  • Leverage Civic Foundry’s unique experience and network of industry leaders to deliver on critical technology initatives
  • Engage customers through unique business models based on sensor technologies
  • Gain insight into customer motivations and behavior through data analytics
  • Increase potential revenue and/or enhance customer service through technologies such as mobile apps

    Organizational Assessments

    Does your staffing, current technology and future plans all align to ensure the greatest opportunity for success? Below are just some of the services Civic Foundry offers to help you gain the confidence that you’re on the right track:

    • Smart city readiness assessments (technical and non-technical)
    • Examination of organizational culture and tolerance for change 
    • Business process streamlining
    • Technology investment analysis
    • Technical architecture analysis
    • Benchmarking of IT staffing plans
    • Resource planning from the data center to the community center