Our Process

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With a mindset for business and deep domain expertise in government, hospitality, and high-tech industries, Civic Foundry has developed a proven methodology based upon our numerous “hands on” successes. One of our key differentiators is in the approach to tackling multiple issues that plague organizations in the advancement of smart city or other technology initiatives. Our process successfully scales from assessing IT operations, strategic planning, and disruptive innovation to Virtual CIO services that actualize your vision. We never assume that common practices are necessarily best practices. We believe that the best practices for our clients are those that are affordable, achievable, and sustainable.

At Civic Foundry, we take data silos and synthesize them through our Community DNA (Data-driven Neighborhood Architecture) approach. Focusing on modern trends, residents, businesses and visitors are empowered with hyper-local data (where they live, work, and play). At the same time, this information is aggregated for key stakeholders to recognize growing trends in the community, more efficiently run the daily business of the cities and public venues, while prioritizing responsiveness to the customer.

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